We're building the experience of the weekend through the lens of the local leaders who are transforming Tulsa. We'll delve into the challenges they face, the promise they see, and learn how our nationwide community of Breakers can raise the profile of the issues that hit so close to their home. This purposeful programming will not be without a healthy dose of fun and potentially a moment that will change your life - or so we've been told.

We keep the weekend intentionally intimate so this event will sell-out, but we will have marquee moments through out the 3-day event that invite in the broader public. It's this mixture of curation and inclusivity that makes Breakout unique. If you're unable to attend, we will be capturing the highlights and unforgettable stories and if you're with us in Tulsa, you may see yourself featured.




Your admission to Breakout. For three days, we'll lift up the hood and give you an insiders peek into the city of Tulsa. Sure, we'll have inspiring talks, incredible local meals, and exciting interactive activations. But the real magic comes from our favorite locals, who inform every inch of the soul of the program and will show you why to them, this is a growth city.



Breakout Tulsa will kick off with a welcome dinner/ activity the night of the 3rd. Formal programming starts at 9 AM on Friday, Oct 4th and ends Sunday morning Oct 6th.  Expect activities to go late into the evening.