How does the weekend work?

You will be assigned a team and have access to our private app which will detail the weekend's agenda breaking down a combination of intimate sessions, larger community activities and a healthy dose of fun. This is far and away not your typical event.

When should I arrive?

thursday night any time!  Your first Breakout session starts promptly at 9 Am on Friday, and if you can't make it in time before that, then skip this event and signup for the next one. For those who arrive early, you will be rewarded with bonus programming.

What should I bring?

Sneakers, both comfy ones and you're coolest ones for at night. We really get out and about so wear what makes you feel comfortable.


Who else attends?

Breakers from around the country. Hop on our instagram @Breakout and see some of our friends and family.

Have you done this before?

Over the last 4 years we have hosted events in Atlanta, Baltimore, Detroit, New Orleans, Miami, Portland, New York City, LA, San Francisco, Harlem and the Bronx. See more about our events

Refund Policy

Full Refund up til Sept. 3rd, 2019

After Sept 3rd., 2019, 100% credit to be granted to the next Breakout event.

Tickets are not exchangeable

Ticket prices rise as demand increases. Take advantage of early bird pricing.